Billing & Insurance

We are as concerned as our patients about the increasing costs of health care.

The fees we charge reflect our honest attempts to put a price on a service of the highest quality. Fees denote not only our training and experience, but also a commitment on our part to keep abreast of new knowledge, techniques, and treatments. Our fees are in line with other specialists in our field in this part of the state. We will gladly discuss our professional fees with you.

We expect all co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance to be paid at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Our paid office bill may be used as a claim form, which you may forward to your insurance company for reimbursement under the terms of your policy.

Insurance rules are not as complicated as insurance forms. We will work together with you in any way we can to make this payment process easy. We will also try to answer your questions about your payment responsibilities.

Please bring your insurance cards with you at each visit in order for us to verify your insurance coverage.

All co-pays are due at time of check in.

View list of insurance carriers we accept.

Medicare & Managed Care Health Plans

We are participating physicians in the Medicare program, which means that we accept their allowed charge and will file these claims for you. Medicare patients are responsible for the deductible and 20% of the allowed charges.

Pre-Certification For Procedures & Admissions

Please determine prior to your visit if your insurance company requires pre-certification for your visit, hospital admission, or procedure. Your insurance company may not pay for your bill if the service is not pre-certified. We do not guarantee your insurance benefits. Routine or preventative services may be non-covered services. You are responsible for the bill once service is rendered. Communicate with us to ensure payment by your insurance company.